Our mission is to support innovative approaches to preventative care. It is to empower the women of tomorrow to plan lives according to their values, aligned with their inherent biological cues. We focus on creating seamless experiences for women to create, gain support, track, and execute toward their goals. Our mantra is that there is no world where women don't need more support.  We believe leveraging the best of technology to support them is a meaningful movement.  We know that when women put themselves first in their day, they're able to embody their uniqueness, growing their strengths and the world at large becomes a better place. We acknowledge that a woman's time is her greatest investment. And so we want to make the time she puts into understanding her health go further- instead of just gathering data on her life and having it sit or be analyzed in the context of a population- we want to give value back to her right way.


Calendher philosophy

At Calendher Technologies, we believe meaningful interventions start with rich data-sets that grow by asking intuitive questions. We know that the right questions are different for each user. 

Our vision is to change the way technology intersects with women's lives, for it to be highly anticipatory and supportive as women move throughout life's stages.

"Inside women's circles are intimate places where we air our deepest secrets, and find solutions to all concerns. We acknowledged that just as this powerful context, lifestyle solutions for women need to be as intelligent and individualized, accounting for the complete portrait of a women's life. With that in mind we architected our technology infrastructure to focus first on listening."


Empathy Listening is central to what we do from product development to culture. We're all about applying EI(emotional Intelligence) to the artificial kind.  We've engineered feedback and mind-sight right into our design, and when we think about problems we think first about the wider impact and user perspective.

Excellence It's the little things that make the vision of this technology and its level of service different. We value the accountability of being held to the highest standard of production, and of ourselves. We believe in the power of human potential, and seek each day to cultivate environments that enable our team members and users to thrive. We live to add value. 


Thoughtfulness A part of excellence, but so important we like to make it a value on its own- to us thoughtfulness means designing software and an experience for a diversity of people with a diversity of needs. For us, thoughtfulness begets inclusion and we’re all about making the largest possible impact. It’s the little things. 

Inclusion We deliberated for quite a while on which word could summarize a holistic, integrative, hyper-considerate perspective and we think Inclusion is the right one. From making no user information irrelevant or unwelcome to creating a both premium and accessible service, to inviting all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and genders to be a part of or contributors to our organization- Inclusion is at the forefront of what makes us different. Inclusion is our strength- of opinions, of varying feedback and of perspectives. Inclusion is our driver of innovation. 


Integrity We're proud to stand behind our partners, our organization members, and our products because of the level of integrity they represent and work hard to achieve each day. There may be no greater product than the outcome of when individuals of integrity committed to creating value come together. 


Our vision is for women’s technology to be as intuitive about what women need and want as her most trusted friends.We envision a future where women are intimately involved with narrating the technology that impacts all aspects of their health. We’re moved by the opportunity to put women’s priorities at the centre of the table. 


We envision a future of becoming that essential piece and one place for all of your health data over time. For us, that means printing reports before you go to the doctor so you have all of your 360° health records in one place. It also means being a community where women’s regimens are supported, studied, optimized, discussed and where high quality brands get to develop longer term relationships of value. We envision creating a state-of the art intelligent machine that learns qualitative data sets about women’s health. What we get excited about is that machine intelligence making a measurable difference in the quality, health and confidence of women everywhere.