Leading Technology for Women by Women

We create technology to support and empower women. We are a data science company solving problems that affect the health of women-first. Our focus is on using data to add value to users themselves. Formed in Vancouver, our products seek to support health concerns with personalized solutions. Our first product, FLÖKA is powered by an intelligence built to provide a holistic mobile health to empower women. FLÖKA builds powerful relationships, curating experiences that support women with their wellness goals and concerns. 

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Designed by women for women


At CalendHer Technologies, we partner with innovative companies of integrity. Our platform has engineered empathy into the experience of connecting the different facets of health together for women, connecting valuable solutions to their individual concerns. CalendHer Technologies is continually building its technology aligned with the vision of empowering each user.


Proud Supporter of the Female Laboratory for Innovative Knowledge 

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